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come to the sabbat

Help me in my search for knowledge,
I must learn the Secret Art.
Who dares to help me raise the on
Whose very name near stills my heart?
Discard your clothes and come on foot,
Through streams and fields and moonlit moors,
Your bodies soaked in secret oils,
Perfumed herbs will heal your sores.
Join me in my search for power.

Wives and husbands bring your kin.
We´ll be as one within the hour.
Let the Sabbat now begin.
Come, come, come to the Sabbat.
Come to the Sabbat - Satan´s there!


In 30 days i will be 21

There is so much i have done in these past 20 years

and so much i am yet to experience

and a whole lot that i should have experience earlier.

goal: to finally be at least 199 pounds by the time im 21

i havent been 199 since uhmm.... i dont know middle school? bwaha...

ah, life experiences, i need more.

Back from the Nth dimension

Hi there internet wastelanders!

Since i have made a legit post here alot has gone on.
  • I have changed my major to Health Science. I will either get a B.S in that at my school and eventually get a masters in nutrition at SJSU OR I will just  do this till i can transfer to SJSU and get into an R.D program. I will be in school way longer than i anticipated but eh! shit happens.
  • I have been trying my best to get back into shape again... even tho I am in the best shape of my life currently, and that is kinda sad. I have been trying to kick my own ass into revamping my health kick again which has got to mean: No more junk food, no more over eating (it still happens on occasion), start working out at least 3 to 4 days a week, and bike bike BIKE. Being healthy will make me feel better about well... everything! right now my foot is in incredible pain and its terrible because I am unable to work out or bike :[ no buen!.  I've been pretty stagnant with weight loss for almost a year now, and well my new goal is 20 to 25 pounds!
  • I built another new bike! Its green and gold and pretty and awesome! green is for the money and gold is for the honey! its a rougher gear ratio  than my old yellow bike. you want pics? i got pics! Im really exited to have  this and i have already been to one race with it already.
  • I have been genuinely happy as of late. I got confidence and have been frequently going out of my way for friendships and ive been getting alot of support in return. In the land of women i've been real nonchalant with asking girls out to dinner and im surprised at how easy it is i mean hell! i got a cute classmates number today! totally crushing on her :-x ; theres also this babe named sam but shes well to say the least..... in italy for a month (*ahem... JEALOUS! I WANT TO GO TO ITALY FUCKKKKK!) I was also kinda dating someone around feburary and march but that was a load of B.S; well it was a learning experience and oddly enough, i was the one who did everything right for a change! ahaah. 
  • Oh! i got another tattoo! its the rebel alliance symbol from starwars! its on my upper left anke and i will be getting the imperial insignia in blue on the opposite leg. In june i will also be getting these rad dia de los muertos skulls which are kinda like the happy and sad drama faces.
  • I still work at Trader joes and the full timers tend to praise me alot now. it could just be alot of B.S but i think they are actually seeing the progress I am making there, if only they would put me on 3 days a week instead of 4 some weeks and 2 the next :-/ . I am also still working with Mark though and thats working out fine. I finally taught mark how to get his own food/water and i wish i could make more progress with him in the future.
so thats is a very brief rundown of how my life has been going as of late.

how are all you?


i said i'd post but im busy!

soooo hi!
im alive



i BLOW at updating this

im going to update it tommorrow; promise!

ahh if only

i could document this weekend with pictures to show you all. haha.

and i've got an unhealthy musical obsession of a combination of HTS, polarbear club and gaslight anthem.



happy V-day everyone!


oh trader joe...

how you never cease to amaze me.

I seriously thought i was going to be fired, but apparently I AM a good worker, who knew!? I got a 60 cent raise and since i started working at TJs at $9.50 an hour I will now be making $11.15 an hour, WOOO! i really want a dollar raise next time so I guess just work herder than i am now right? hahah. we are also getting a new captain which is a bummer because i really like my current captain (manager) at my store. Oh well the new one shares the same name so at least i don't have to remember a new name right?

Its such a nice day out, ill ride my bike today, honk if you see me!

that is all.



That explains alot...